A-1's Newest Addition: Mitek Blade

Mitek Blade – Up and Running

Our New Automated Linear Blade Saw

A-1 purchased this uniquely automated Mitek Blade Saw and after some trial and error installation, we have it up and running. This morning we started processing our design and cuts using the Blade and so far, so good!

This machine will help us cut faster and more accurately and is the safest automated truss saw on the market!

Now fractioning our production time, A-1 can accomplish more in less time, making our manufacturing more efficient then ever before. Because of our goal oriented procedures and our supportive partners and leadership teams, A-1 will never stop improving. Investment is the key to success. 

We’d like to give a big thank you to our representatives from Mitek Industries for cooperating with us throughout this week of the Blade configuration. The outcome was and will continue to be beneficial for everyone.

A-1's Newest Addition: Mitek Blade
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