Think you have what it takes to design the grade?

A-1 Roof Trusses LTD, a leader in the industry of roof & floor truss design and manufacturing, is now announcing an open call for its 2018 Truss Designer Training Program.  Candidates are invited to come and compete for the limited number of slots for this upcoming year’s training class where selected trainees will be introduced to and educated on the profession of wood truss design and planning.  This unique training program is a paid position and allows you to earn while you learn.  If completed successfully, it can earn you a permanent placement within the A-1 Design Team.


Our ideal candidates are (but not limited to):

  • Self Motivated
  • Skilled in Mathematics
  • Able to visualize in 3D
  • Interested in Architecture
  • Interested in Engineering
  • Experienced in CAD
  • Experienced in Construction
  • Detailed Critical Thinkers
  • A Fit to Our Company Culture


Training Program – $30,000 /yr
(First Year $14.42 per hr.  @ 40hr per week)

Potential Earnings:

Note: Figures below are shown for example purposes only and are based on 45 to 55 hours per week, with overtime included.  After completion of the 12 Months, candidates will be reviewed & rewarded based on individual merits.

13 – 24 Months $30k / $45k
2 – 5 Years $45k / $55k
5 Years + $55k /$80k

**All candidates are required to enter into a Confidentiality & Non-Compete Agreement and are placed under contract to recover all training costs if departure from the program is voluntary and prior to the mandatory 2 year commitment.**