A Word From Our Customer

A-1 Roof Trusses

We at Seahawk Construction want to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of your hard work, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service.

Starting at the beginning of the design process, Ryan Spencer shined a spot light on our contradicting sections, details, elevations, reference notes, etc. We knew we had the right team going forward because we were catching mistakes in the design phase and not out in the field where mistakes would have cost much more money and time. Seahawk Construction is a firm believer in putting extra time in the planning and design process so that the margin for error or mistakes out in the field are eliminated and efficiency in building is therefor maximized. A1 Truss believes in this same philosophy, which made the design process much more refreshing and enjoyable. Both parties understood the value in meticulously analyzing each and every detail before sending the truss plans out for fabrication.

Each member of your team plays such a critical role in the product that you put out. Your team is extremely thorough and are very easy to work with. Anything that went wrong, missing, or broken, etc. was fixed or rectified immediately and without hesitation – though, nothing extraordinary or of any significance went wrong at all.

Our experience with A1 Truss was second to none. Seahawk Construction specializes in building commercial senior living facilities and high-end residential spec-homes, and is extremely excited about the addition of A1 Truss to their growth expansion team that will be doing many more senior living facilities in the near future.

We would recommend A1 Truss to any contractor looking for excellent customer service, attention to detail, and quality control.


Seahawk Construction

Greg Gozzo (Vice President)

Jon Gozzo (President)