A-1 Company Update 1/27/2016

A-1 Roof Trusses Company Update 2016

After accomplishing all that we have since our last company update – the Leadership Team here at A-1 thought it was necessary to share and celebrate the milestones we’ve overcome and goals we have set for ourselves for the year to come.

Starting off the presentation was Mr. Luis Arrarte, Director of Human Resources – First, expressing his appreciation for the company and congratulating them on their endeavors. We have grown a remarkable 35% average for the past three years and continue to scout for new team members for each department. A-1’s Leadership has set up a 401K program within the last month and renewed and optimized employee health benefits of which over 70% of our company is enrolled in! Not only has the Human Resources Department been in full swing in making A-1 a proactive and safe place to work, we have also started group committees in which employees volunteer to help A-1 become and remain an all around great place to work by giving feedback, organizing events and keeping all departments on the same page with the same goals. The Production Managers will be implementing a OSHA safety class in coordination with Indian River State College for all employees as well as new training classes as an incentive to grow and learn.

A-1 Company Update 1/27/2016
A-1 Company Update 1/27/2016

Following Human Resources, we had our Design Manager, Mr. Travis White, conduct his presentation. He expressed his utmost appreciation for his design team and recognized all 18 designers and estimators individually. Not only have we had two graduations in 2015, but have also had designers complete the WTCA TTT Level’s 1 and 2 courses.  After a thorough review of the recent design classes, he announced that we will be hosting another Design Training Course in June of this year! Education is the most essential objective for this year and the many to come.

After The Design and Estimating presentation, we had our Vice President, Mike Ruede on the stand to really get everyone going. Mike did an excellent job of really showcasing how far this company has come in the last few years. He really highlighted the significant improvements from 2013 until now within every department. Featuring not only our improvement in product, but our advances in sales, customer services, and machinery. In the last 14 months, A-1 has accrued more than 1.5 million in machinery, software and trucks. In Mike’s words “When we make the money we invest it back in to the company,” and fortunately we have those opportunities to do so.

A-1 Company Update 1/27/2016

Mr. Bob Lamb, A-1’s Production Manager, was next on the board. He is responsible for all things A-1 manufacturing – so his voice travels far. Bob reminded everyone of how important their positions and stations were to our entire operation. When a company is growing at the capacity as A-1, it is typically harder for them to focus on the specific working individuals. Bob sincerely reassured every person that they will not be neglected and that they are the foundation on which A-1 sits and the roots of this company. Mr. Lamb also went into the milestones we have reached – for example, our trucks drove almost twice the miles that of 2013, and are projected to drive over 1 million miles in 2016. And of course, with more deliveries means more product.. A whopping 22 million board foot in and out of Production in 2015!


A-1 Company Update 1/27/2016

Last but certainly not least, Mr. John Herring, the CEO and Founder of A-1, was next to present. As the rest of the team leaders boasted and congratulated our departments on their recent achievements, Mr. Herring’s focus was on the future – as always. He has the whole 2016 year and more mapped out for A-1 and where he plans to take this company. Education and Growth were the highlights of this meeting and of our future. Mr. Herring and the Leadership plan on implementing a complete training program for each department, including all the stations in production. “We need good people and we need long term employees,” and what better way to ensure mutual satisfaction than to raise the initiatives and establish the incentives? Along with implementing internal education, recruiting new employees and opening new departments, John announced that the Main Office building will be in for a complete remodel! A-1 will be adding another two story building to the front of our current location and we should be breaking ground within the next few months.

Coming as a surprise to the company, we are all still shocked but very excited! Our Leadership team and the presenters at this Rally did an amazing job of  congratulating, advising and influencing the entire company. We are all a family and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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