Relationship Driven

A-1 Roof Trusses’ Human Resources Department is committed to supporting current employees and seeking individuals to grow with our organization and reach their personal and professional goals. We encourage any prospective, hard working individuals to join our team!

As a cooperative and goal oriented company, we are solely concerned with the mutual efforts and support from one employee to the next.


The Human Resources Department and Leadership Team are devoted to making sure every current and prospective employee is comfortable with their position and environment. We are exclusively concerned with every individual being placed in a compatible position to ensure mutually beneficial results and experiences for both A-1 and the employee.

A-1 Roof Trusses is an equal opportunity employer. We have not nor ever will discriminate against any individual seeking employment.

Career Opportunities

We have various career opportunities ranging from manufacturing to design to customer service; each position just as important, valuable and essential to our growing business as the rest. A-1’s operations are run through a supply chain, involving every individual employee, and each department entirely. Integrity, responsibility, accountability and work ethic are the fundamental keys to A-1 producing the ultimate customer satisfaction.

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Why Work For Us?

Through the essential chain of demands at A-1 Roof Trusses, we are dedicated to finding ideal candidates that will fit our company’s needs. Each individual on our team is trained in-house to learn all steps and procedures in designing, manufacturing and delivering the perfect product and assuring outstanding quality and customer service.

Most importantly, our culture is what we strive to maintain. Each department works cooperatively with the next to ensure that we are getting the job done efficiently. Therefore, finding someone with a positive attitude and cooperative work ethic is essential to mutual success.


For any questions or concerns about our policies,
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