"Though you can love what you do not master, you can never master what you do not love."

A-1 Roof Trusses is known for our accurate and efficient design staff. We’ve introduced and implemented a vigorous, hands-on training program that teaches the necessary skills to pursue a successful truss design profession.

All design members are WTCA/SBCA certified and even after our 11 week Training program, they continue to learn in our cooperative and challenging work environment. Our Design Team is on the forefront of technology, utilizing a BIM-based system that integrates information and function through  single 3-D  model which is shared by the entire supply chain.

A-1 Designers Job Site Visit
Truss Design Training 3D Sapphire View
A-1 Truss Designers Job Site Visit

A-1 partners with the most recognized and innovative software platform in the drafting industry. Mitek has strategically mastered a modern program that enables our team to reach their full potential when constructing your projects. Our truss design team works closely and consistently with your architects and building designers to ensure maximum satisfaction and convenience for you.

For more information about our Design Department, please contact design@a1truss.com or call the Main Office at: (772) 409-1010.
If you would like to receive information about our Design Training Program, please visit our Careers Page.

Truss Design Training 3D Sapphire View
A-1 Truss Designer
Truss Design Training 3D Sapphire View
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