A-1 Truss Saw
A-1 Truss Production
A-1 Truss Production
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Organized and exceedingly efficient, our Production facility is run on adequately automated machine computer processors designed to handle extensive projects in cost and time proficient ways.

A-1 strives to continuously acquire the most outstanding manufacturing systems, as well as personnel to meet the current and future demands.  We currently employ over 100 well trained production staff workers.

Our production managers continue to develop new procedures and strategies to progressively improve our manufacturing systems to enable all contracted jobs, big and small, to be constructed in a convenient and timely manner.

As a result of growing demand and an expanding present customer base, our production facility and staff has increased substantially within the past decade. A-1’s Leadership team is invariably aiming to provide cost and energy efficient manufacturing strategies, as well as new employment opportunities.

Through dynamic and effective safety procedures, A-1 is invested in not only our own employees health and security, but setting a standard to all labor positions. Making certain our production crew is safe and comfortable at all times is our priority and we hope to be a role model for other manufacturing companies.

To apply for a truss manufacturing position, please click here or call Our Main Office at (772) 409-1010 for further application information.

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